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Signal integrity Engineer job Bangalore EEJ/280928/01

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Our Job code: EEJ/280928/01 

JOB DESCRIPTION:  A fast growing Engineering Design company requires Signal integrity Engineer  

No. of posts: 1

Job duties ( Signal integrity Engineer jobs in Bangalore) :

The Signal integrity Engineer will be responsible for the below job duties.

  • Actively gather the necessary models and input to run the simulation from datasheets, supplier contacts, and websites.
  • Perform PCB level SI and PI (DC & AC Drop) analysis and provide layout optimization recommendations based on the results.
  • Perform S-parameter simulation and bench verification to verify and control matched impedances.
  • Perform high-frequency Signal Integrity testing, including compliance and debugging required for product development.
  • Needs to be detail-oriented, be able to document test plans, execute test procedures, and generate reports.
  • Needs to do the PCB design supports in Various EDA tools.

Job Requirements and Skills:

  • Experience in reading component datasheets.
  • Experience in PCB stack-up analysis
  • Hands-on experience in PCB modelling and Package modelling
  • Working knowledge of High-Speed design and RF principles (S-parameters, Impedance, etc.)
  • Strong Signal/Power Integrity fundamentals
  • Experience in simulating (FD/TD) memory interfaces for Board and Package is required (DDR3/DDR4, LPDDR3/4)
  • Experience in simulating (FD/TD) High-Speed Serial IO interfaces for Board and Package is required (PCIe Gen3/4, RGMII…etc)
  • Simultaneous switching output analysis
  • Simulations of device I/O to reduce overshoot and undershoot (which can cause increased noise on power planes due to return currents)
  • Crosstalk analysis of signals to reduce noise
  • Good knowledge of Power Delivery Network, impedance profile analysis, IR Drop Analysis, modeling of PCB and Package Shapes, and time-domain Analysis
  • Should be able to provide practical solutions to PCB/Package design team based on simulation results and analysis
  • Strong fundamentals in 3D/2D EM simulation tools, such as Ansys SIwave, HFSS, ADS, PowerSI, CST, etc
  • Excellent documentation skills, test plan writing, presentations
  • Excellent language skills, verbal and written.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering or equivalent

Work experience:

  • 5-8 years of work experience in a similar industry in a similar role

Job Type: Full-time

Notice period: Immediate or within 30 days

Location of work: Bangalore

Salary: Based on the experience and competence of the Candidates

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