AS9100 jobs in India

AS9100 jobs in India

AS9100 is a popular International Quality Management System Standard for Organizations into the manufacturing of Aerospace parts. AS9100 is released by Society of Automotive Engineers. IAQG (International Aerospace Quality Group) is an organization that implements quality initiatives for improvements in Aerospace products and services. AS9100 is based on the ISO 9001 quality management system standard with additional Aerospace requirements. The latest version of AS 9100 is Revision D released in the year 2016. AS9100 specifies requirements in the form of clauses to bring the best Aerospace Quality management practices to the Organization. Given below are the listings of AS9100 jobs in India to which Candidates can apply:

AS9100 Consultants required on project basis

Job Position: AS9100 QMS Consultant on Project Basis (AS9100 jobs in India)

Job Code: AS/BLR/CON/01

Job Role: AS9100 Quality Management System Consultant on project call basis 

Client Location: Bangalore

Minimum Experience required: 3 years

Minimum Qualification required: Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering or equivalent Aerospace certification

Job requirements (AS9100 consultant job description): 

  • Candidate must be a certified internal auditor in the latest version of AS9100 QMS
  • Candidate must have a flair for Consulting
  • The candidates must be able to prepare their own documentation of QMS as per the requirements of AS9100
  • Guide our Clients on implementing AS9100 as per the documentation
  • Guide the Client on resolving the non conformities identified during the Internal audits
  • Guide the Client on conducting AS9100 Management Reviews
  • Candidate must support our Client to resolve the non-conformities from these audits
  • Must suggest Continual improvements at process level and Organizational level  
  • Candidate must have previous work experience in documentation and implementation of the AS9100 standard requirements 
  • Candidate must be located in Bangalore

The Candidate will be paid on successful AS9100 Consulting project execution. Payment will be purely on project basis. Freelance AS9100 Consultants can also apply.

Post your resume below mentioning the Job code AS/BLR/CON/01