Information Security Policy

Below is the Information Security Policy of Iprofaz Job Consultants:

Iprofaz Job Consultants (A division of Inzinc Products and Services) is committed to protect sensitive information that is generated internally, sensitive information received from our Customer Organizations & Job candidates and any other information that is Confidential in nature. With respect to information security,

  • We have documented and implemented policies and procedures
  • We have identified, analyzed and evaluated the information security risks and opportunities
  • We have implemented the necessary controls to minimize the risks
  • Along with Confidentiality of the information, we also ensure that we maintain the integrity and availability of information
  • We have ensured that continual improvement of our Information Security Management System takes place from time to time so that our information security performance is enhanced
  • We ensure communication of this policy to relevant interested parties

We therefore request our Customers and other relevant interested parties to trust with the information they provide to us.

Approved by

Iprofaz Job Consultants
(A division of Inzinc Products and Services)
Approved date and w.e.f 19-Mar-2020

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