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Maintenance manager job description templateMaintenance manager job description template given in this page will be helpful for Human resources people in organizations in the recruitment of Maintenance managers in manufacturing industries. Maintenance manager is the Maintenance functional / departmental head who has the responsibility of leading a team of Maintenance supervisors, electricians and mechanics and ensure that Maintenance objectives are fulfilled consistently. Few common tasks carried out by a maintenance manager in a manufacturing environment are preparing preventive maintenance schedule, implementing it and following it up, handling of breakdown maintenance of equipment, spares planning, meeting maintenance objectives, assigning maintenance tasks to the respective team members, getting his/her maintenance team trained, monitoring the team and recruitment of maintenance personnel on need basis. The below maintenance manager job description template can be utilized by recruiters for putting up advertisements for hiring.

Maintenance manager job description sample

Maintenance manager job profile: We, <ABC Company> are a manufacturing firm who are looking to recruit a Maintenance Manager to take on the responsibility for managing and leading our team of maintenance personnel. The maintenance manager shall ensure successful preventive maintenance and breakdown maintenance of equipment to achieve maintenance objectives and assign tasks to the maintenance team personnel. The maintenance manager shall also train, motivate, monitor and control the maintenance team members. He/she shall also coordinate with other departmental personnel to achieve intended results. 

Qualification: The minimum educational qualification required for the position of maintenance manager is a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical engineering or Diploma in Mechanical engineering.

Previous work experience: A prior work experience of <x> number of years in Maintenance management would be required at a minimum for this job position. The candidate must have a good track record of achievement of maintenance objectives. 

Maintenance manager key skills: The key skills required in the Maintenance Manager include:

  • good oral and written communication skills
  • team leadership skills
  • good presentation skills
  • maintenance planning skills
  • equipment diagnosis, repair and troubleshooting
  • maintenance budgeting skills
  • basic computer skills
  • knowledge of spare parts and its availability

Maintenance Manager roles and responsibilities:

Given below are the roles and responsibilities carried out by a typical Maintenance manager in manufacturing industries:  

  • Document maintenance processes and procedures and keep it up-to-date.
  • Create and maintain a database of machinery and equipment.
  • Recruit suitable maintenance supervisors and other support personnel on need basis.
  • Develop a preventive maintenance schedule for all the equipment and decide on the best maintenance frequency.
  • Ensure a safe work environment.
  • Allocating maintenance tasks to team members.
  • Achieve the planned maintenance objectives.
  • Devise plans to reduce breakdown of equipment and utilities.
  • Develop and implement preventive maintenance checklists and monitor the same.
  • Closely monitor maintenance activities and performance of the maintenance team.
  • Inspect the maintenance equipment periodically, analyze its condition and predict failure of parts.
  • Coordinating with other departmental personnel in achieving planned maintenance activities.
  • When required, help maintenance team in diagnosing and solving equipment problems.
  • Oversee the repair of equipment and utilities.
  • Provide proper tools and equipment to carry out maintenance of equipment and utility.
  • Provide inputs to the Purchase manager on the best brand of equipment and utilities in the event of new purchase.
  • Plan and procure critical spares of equipment as per experience or as directed by the Original equipment manufacturer.
  • Document successfully solved repairs of critical equipment to help resolve similar equipment problems in future.
  • Track the age of machinery and utility and take suitable actions such as replacement or disposal with proper justification.
  • Recommend rewards to top performing maintenance personnel.
  • Reporting the status of preventive and breakdown Maintenance to the Top Management.

The above Maintenance manager job description template may not only be used for recruitment purposes, but also while preparing the roles & responsibilities of a Maintenance manager position while implementing standards / best practices in organizations.

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